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Timber in Architecture Supplement Published May & Nov 2011 Timber is a material whose time has come, thanks to its tactile, warm qualities, its strong environmental credentials, and its variable and local nature. It remains one of the most sustainable products specified across the construction sector. Its use in contemporary and historic buildings across both the domestic and commercial sector is renowned.


Each supplements will cover:

• Exciting buildings in timber

• Advances in prefabrication

• Sustainability and sourcing

• Timber in interiors

• Timber in existing buildings

Each Timber in Architecture supplement will report on the latest trends and thinking about the use of of wood in architecture, discuss and challenge the negative press that wood often recieves particularly in relation to fire as well as look at a range of aspects to do with wood specification including:


Interesting buildings in timber from around the world

Wood awards from around the globe

Advances in prefabrication

Sustainability and sourcing

The use of timber in interiors



The Timber in Architecture supplements will be supported by dedicated website which will be going live during 2011.



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