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Web Services

TSP Media can offer your business a range of marketing services specifically designed to help promote the company, it’s products and its services. Our online team are at the forefront of web development and can deliver a whole range of interesting new ideas and solutions to get the very best return on investment out of your website and the traffic directed to it.

Services include:

Targeted E-campaigns

E-Campaigns are like traditional emails but are streamed through mass email software with added imagery & web links to maximise the impact of a targeted marketing message. Whether driving people to your website, promoting a special offer or sending out a new catalogue, E-campaigns can transmit multiple messages to a mass audience at one time. We track every email to establish how many people have opened it, clicked a link & responded to your brand message & if the original listing is supplied you can also monitor the actions of each recipient by name. TSP Media currently have available in access of 30,000 names from which it is possible to compile a mailing list to your specific requirements.

Website design

An easy to use website design & structure that integrates seamlessly with your business is a pre-requisite for a successful and profitable web presence. Using cutting edge technology TSP Media can offer your business all the design experience and technical knowledge required in these key areas to generate maximum impact from your company’s online activity.


Online shopping is growing at an incredible rate with online sales increasing daily. Our E-Commerce solutions provide you with the best possible opportunity to capitalize on this growth market. Products, product categories, delivery, payment options and even warehouse stock level control are just some of the features offered to you following the initial design of your company site.

Smart phone solutions

The growth in Smartphone technology has resulted in the need for websites to be both fully supported and also have adequate display functionality so, as the percentage of people using the phone to view websites grows, so does the need for a smartphone friendly website. TSP Media can work with your existing website or build a completely new site to tailor it specifically for both smartphone viewing and viewing from the desktop.

Content Management Systems

If you are considering a website solution that requires you to change the content of your website on a regular basis then you really need a database driven website.  TSP Medias online team specialise in Content Management Systems which allow you to manage website content easily and quickly. This can be provided across the whole website or in certain key areas such as a news page or blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring your company scores well on major search engines such as Google, for various keyword searches, can be a time consuming exercise but can bring significant, rewards in terms of increased internet presence and income generation. TSP Media employ a dedicated team of professionals who can do this work on your behalf by researching your chosen market and quoting accordingly.


All Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns are formulated into a monthly report to enable you to evaluate overall effectiveness of a particular campaign.

Google adword campaigns

Adwords is Google's own advertising network which allows you to place advertisements alongside search results when someone searches using one of your chosen targeted keywords giving your marketing message increased exposure. TSP Media can manage these campaigns for you and also give guidance and advice with regard to which words to use to maximise website traffic.

Social Media

Everybody is aware of websites such as Facebook and Twitter but may not realise what powerful tools they can be for a business. Their influence can now be harnessed to work for SEO Campaigns to deliver your marketing message directly to the target audience. TSP Media can work with and for you to construct and manage your social media pages to get the best commercial results from them.

Online advertising

In every market sector there is an increasing level of online marketing opportunities so making the right choices is more important than ever to avoid costly ineffective campaigns. Be it a banner or button, E-bulletin or download TSP Medias years of experience working with online campaigns for a wide variety of businesses can now work for your business to maximise return on your marketing investment.

Digital brochures

The huge growth in numbers of individuals searching online for company or product information makes it more important than ever for businesses to ensure information in company catalogues and literature is available to view. Digital literature is a perfect representation of its print counterpart, which viewers can browse like a magazine by turning the pages. They can also search, visit company web links instantly and use other interactive content on the digital pages. TSP Media can work with you to raise your product and company profile! Article submissions

Article Submissions

Every business would like to attract free advertising to their website. The trouble is that it's not always easy to tell what's worth doin g and what isn't.

Article directories are one of the best ways of streaming free traffic to your website.

We can turn a standard press release into a web ready article submission peppered with keywords which will link back to your website. We can also submit that release to 25 submission site for a standard fee.



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